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Lightweight bash script that notify new e-mail from multiple maildir (only e-mail in MAILDIR format) on desktop GUI with notify, on shell, on remote with jabber instant messaging or show on conky system monitor ( )


Need to install python-xmpp, and perl

git clone

  • copy whole maildir-notification directory on your favorite place
  • open maildir-notification file and set your maildirs paths on MAILDIRS array
  • set BASEDIR path with your “favorite place”
  • launch “maildir-notification reset
  • put username and password and user to destination of jabber notification in “script/” file (you need two accounts).
  • If you want change other config (LIMIT_SUB, TIME etc, etc)

How to use

maildir-notification loop               notify every TIME with libnotify
maildir-notification loop std           notify on standard output
maildir-notification loop xmpp          notify to your jabber account

maildir-notification summary   		show a summary of new mail with	libnotify
maildir-notification summary std	show a summary on standard outpunt
maildir-notification summary-conky      print a summary readable by conky (you must to put "text_buffer_size 512" in cokyrc)

maildir-notification reset		clean files and	all recorded notification

maildir-notification count		return total number of new mail	(to use with some windows manager like awesome)

You can change color of text in summary editing whitin SHORTSUBJECTPANGO var


The test are made with awesome windows manager library for notify protocol, on other Desktop Environment the look can change very much (summary is showed very bad on gnome).

Notification with libnotify

Summary with libnotify


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