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Applications to manage music player

This is a list of applications to manage music player like ipod that work fine for me and not heavy for old hardware.

Test made with 'creative zen' with ID 041e:4157 - firmware 1.21.03e on debian squeeze/sid


version 2.9.6-4 - Package is in testing/sid repository

  • very good for me
  • much stable


version 1.6.1

  • much heavy - use mono library
  • much unstable, often crash - the worste


  • a little unstable and buggy
  • much heavy
  • work fine


  • not user friendly
  • support cover
  • stable


  • little buggy but work
  • when copying file audio or video they are not seem with mp3 player
  • can use it only to show or delete file


  • little buggy but work - use gvfs like Nautilus



  • work fine
  • little bugs
  • slow
  • heavy


tools for communicating with Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) devices

  • stable
  • very hard for newbie


MTPfs is a FUSE filesystem that supports reading and writing from MTP devices

  • stable
  • very hard for newbie

for mount/umount device:

mtpfs -o allow_other /dir/mount
fusermount -u /dir/mount

pls2player script:

bash script that take mp3 from playlist and put/convert in zen player internal/external memory - more info

  • better for me
  • developed to use with mpd + ncmpcpp
  • use mtp-tools

Tips and Tricks:

  • For converting music file (ogg, flac, mp4, m4a…) in mp3 the applications much simple and with GUI is soundconverter by gnome or with commandline mencoder, ffmpeg
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