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Lightweight bash script that notify new e-mail from multiple maildir (only e-mail in MAILDIR format) on desktop, on remote with jabber instant messaging, show on conky ( ) or others way


Need to install python-xmpp, and perl

on archlinux distro

pacman -S xmpppy perl

on debian-based distro

apt-get install python-xmpp perl


git clone [email protected]:varogami/maildir-notification.git


copy example file example/maildir-notification.conf in ~/.maildir-notification.conf, edit it for set your maildirs and custom options and use:

  • maildir-notification - get mail and notify it
  • maildir-notification std - get mail and print in terminal
  • maildir-notification summary - notify a summary of new mail
  • maildir-notification summary std - print a summary of new mail on terminal


Old Screenshot

Notification with libnotify and awesome WM

Summary with libnotify and awesome WM

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