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Script that take music file (mp3, ogg, flac, etc, etc) from playlist and put/convert they on mp3 player with mtp protocol or simple mp3 player . Features:

  • Check size of playlist before copying
  • Develop to use with mpd + ncmpcpp
  • Automatically put mp3 file in “ARTIST - TITLE.mp3” format (if have mp3 tags)
  • Recognize duplicate on mp3 player
  • Automatically convert file different from mp3/wma
  • lightweight
  • show estimated time and final speed
  • put covers for all albums in player (if support it)


To use this script on Debian needs of libav-tools, ffmpeg and mtp-tools packages.

Then you need to set Music dir in “DIR” var, playlist filename in “playlist” var, make cache dir and set it in “CACHE” var.

Final chmod +x

How to use

If you use mpd, make a playlist with your favorite client (my favorite is ncmpcpp), save playlist and if you want put mp3 in list on mtp device launch: 

or in device that work like memory p /DIR/ 

without convert file (for device that support all music file) p /DIR/ noconv

Where “DIR” is dir where is mp3 player file on filesystem.


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