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Electric Guitar with Linux Howto

Used Distro is Debian Squeeze with some package from Wheezy/Sid.

For plug electric guitar on pc need of some specific hardware for connect guitar (normal sound card are not goot for guitar electric signal), I use Behringer UCG102 device (linux compatible, and with apps for linux within!!! see behringer ucg102 on debian squeeze).

For use this device you need a realtime kernel, and you get it with three way:

Then set jack for realtime, with qjackctl and Behringer UCG102 I have this:

Last launch a apps for guitar effects like guitarix, rakarrack, jack-rack or creox and use your guitar with favorite effects.

Tips and Tricks

  • On eeepc set max frequency for clean sound (on my netbook from root user cpufreq-set -f 1.67GHz)

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