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No Desktop Way

Alternative applications for use your Computer without GUI and with minimal resources.

List of Applications:


  • cmus
  • mocp
  • mpd + ncmpc or ncmpcpp
  • mplayer


  • mplayer with framebuffer output (-vo fbdev or fbdev2 need supporting hardware)


  • mutt OR mutt + fetchmail + msmtp
  • gnus (with emacs) + fetchmail + msmtp


  • w3m
  • w3m-im (framebuffer - show image in terminal)
  • lynx
  • links2 -g (framebuffer - show like a browser in xorg but in terminal)

Instant Messaging (msn, jabber, icq, yahoo, etc. etc.)

  • irssi (irc)
  • weechat (irc)
  • minbif (IM to irc gateway multiprotocol, use libpurlple)
  • bitlbee (IM to irc gateway multiprotocol, can use libpurple)
  • finch (multiprotocol IM)
  • irssi OR weechat + minbif OR bitlbee (multiprotocol IM)


  • emacs (can substitute screen, tmux and use w3m within)
  • vim
  • nano (simple and lightweight)


  • tmux or screen for windows manager in terminal, daemonize apps and other use

If you need a WM

  • ratpoison is WM work like screen
  • awesome lightweight powerfull tiled windows manager highly configurable
  • i3-wm lightweight powerfull tiled windows manager
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